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To acquire this skill you can do:
1. Exercise analyze the task - the task of learning.
2. Exercise formulate objectives - common learning objectives centered on the expected learning outcomes.
3. Exercise establish indicators - indicators of the specific behavior of the verb yangdipakai by common learning objectives.
4. Exercise choose indicators - indicators are in line with the level of student ability.
5. Exercise formulate specific learning objectives in the indicators - indicators selected.

The relationship between mastery of teaching materials with the ability mngajar, as follows:
1. Mastery of the material into a basic foundation of a teacher to have the ability to teach.
2. Teachers who have a deep insight of the teaching materials will be more confident in formulating objectives and learning in the classroom.
3. Teachers who have mastered the correct teaching materials that will be conveyed to the students will try memperhatkan needs and abilities of the students are faced with more wisely.
4. Teachers who master the material well always trying various methods to be applied in accordance with the development of class situation and is not tied to a benchmark teaching preparation already formulated before entering the classroom.

5. Teachers, which runs right teaching material will be more creative and innovative in menyampaikam ajarnya material.