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For example: students are exposed to a case of landslides or flooding that often occurs in the area where he lives. For that you can apply for these problems by providing opportunities for students to participate in thinking about how to solve these problems. This you can do by conducting an experiment with students in the form of practical conduct reforestation or afforestation in the region.
5. Field of study practical
This means that the material can be used for daily life - today, for example: the number is more practical to use than, because the number is more widely used than the market.
There are several capabilities that need to be formed within the students, among others, related to cognitive ability. This can be achieved by providing teaching materials in the form of concept - concept, psychomotor abilities associated with the activity of the students can be achieved by providing material that can generate creativity that is the practice, as well as providing a deep understanding of ethics and norms that support the formation of affective aspects.
To provide clarity in presenting the teaching materials, you need to understand the purpose of student learning and more broadly understand the true purpose of education, whether they are national, institutional, curricular, and tujun elajaran eye that is your responsibility. Learning components interrelated in a learning system.